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This Is It lyrics

This Is It

There's gotta be thousands of stories in this head of yours, tom.
Don’t look for one that isn't there.

(alvin looks around at the mess of papers and books strewn about in thomas’s mind.)

This is it tom
This is all there is.
And isn’t it amazing’

Here we sit, tom.
Forever tossing branches off a bridge.

Here we’re frozen at ten.
Here we’re awkward young men.
And you filed away these memories
Bit by bit.

Now look again.

You wanted a story, tom
Well this,
All around you,
This is it.

Admit, tom
You expected more.
But isn’t this refreshing’
This is it, tom.
Sure, it’s nothing like the picture on the box.

And no secrets exist,
In some moment you missed,
Just accept that sometimes pieces
Might not fit.

And that’s okay.

‘Cause all that you needed, tom
Is here.
All around you,
This is it.

Look at them all. Stories about you. Stories about me. Stories about us.
Just waiting for you to pick them and write them down.

You are a writer.
Take what you know.
Here there's a lifetime of moments and details
Now you make them blossom and grow.

Find what’s important.

Find what’s important.

Help it to thrive.

Help it to thrive.

When you rearrange them and tell them
You keep all our memories and stories alive.

Thousands of stories

Thousands of stories

Constantly new.

So our stories remain

Stories remain

Full of laughter and pain.

Mixed with capra and twain.

Told by you.

You and me, tom
This is all we get.
And wasn’t it exciting’
But don’t you see, tom
It isn’t really over, after all.

Just like stones in a lake
And the ripples they make
Stories carry on through time
And never quit.

It’s up to you.

This isn’t my story now
It’s yours.
Look around you.
This is it.

This is you.
This is me.
This is love.
This is life.
This is it.

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