Willing To Ride lyrics - Steel Pier

Willing To Ride lyrics

Willing To Ride

Change my life. You bet i'm gonna change my life. After all these
Years of moving, i m heading home.

Twelve ocean drive
Right by the shore
Not many rooms
It only has four

But for now
Another marathon
Another dead on my feet
Another time clock to beat
Bruise on my shin
Desperate to win
Just like it's always been

Twelve ocean drive
Right by the shore
Is the palace i've been
Longing for
One last marathon
One last marathon
Just one more

Here i go again
I can hear that merry-go-round
And though i never cared much
For the sound
I'm willing to ride

There's the ferris wheel
A miracle, that circle of steel
It's funny how nervous
It's making me feel,
Yet willing to ride

This time
Although i'll do it
I swear it's the last time
I'll ever put myself through it
I have to stop remembering when,
And now must be now and then
Must be then
I'm learning to quiet
That butterfly riot
I'm willing to ride

(the scene shifts to the entrance of the steel pier.)

But now must be now
And then must be then.
I've struck out before
And i couldn't forget if i tried.

But i'm up to bat again,
Tossing my hat again,
Here i go again,
Willing to ride!

Scene: the dance floor of the beautiful steel pier ballroom

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