The Sprints lyrics - Steel Pier

The Sprints lyrics

The Sprints

(The contestants return to the dance floor wearing
Candy striped running suits and line-up at one end.)

Ladies and gentlemen! Take a good look at our boys and girls. After 338 hours,
Do they truly have what it takes to make it to the end of... The sprints!
For ten minutes, around the floor, our couples must run... To the last two
Couples to make it across that finish line - and to anyone else who falls -
We must bid a sad - but final - adieu.. Or as the french would say - oor-yay out-ay!
On your marks, get set...

(gunshot. Everyone starts running around the perimeter of the
Dance floor, as the exhausted couples hang onto one another.)

When you feel the
World is sitting
On your shoulders...
(to the band)
What do you say, boys - let's make it hot,
Sweet and sassy!

When your troubles feel as big as
Ten ton boulders...

Come on, guys, how 'bout it, let's have some
Fun! Let's pick it up! Let's make them move!
Ay, look at that - couple number 3 is stumbling.
And right on their heels is couple number 18.
Oh, the suffering. How terribly sad.
My heart is breaking. Breaking!

...and worries waltz away

Mr. Walker:
(to couples 3 and 18)
You're out!

When you feel an
Anger deep inside
That shoulders,

(several more contestants fall down.)

Mr. Walker:
You're out

Dance, mister
Dance, sister
Dance, mister
Dance, sister
Come on,
Everybody dance!
(suddenly, rita falls. Just as she is about to be disqualified,
Everyone freezes except bill, who goes to her.)

You can't fall now - i still have more time.
(gently, bill helps rita up off the ground and carefully touches
Her cheek. With a slight wave of his hand, the sprints begin to
Rewind as the contestants move backwards to the point just before
Rita fell)
Go on, fly!
(everyone begins running again.)

Mick & all:
Dance, mister
Dance, sister
Dance, mister
Dance, sister
Come on...
Everybody dance!

(this time, rita doesn't fall. The contestants continue
To run as the curtain falls.)

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