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Steel Pier lyrics

Steel Pier

Hey what do you need that we don't have right here?
Everything's gonna be all right, rita. You'll see...

Life is a party
Why don't you come
To the steel pier?

No one's ever gloomy or glum
At the steel pier

Dip your toes into the ocean
Rub a little suntan lotion
Pay your dough and ride all the rides
Sit on the boardwalk
Watching the tides...

(the scene changes to the bandstand on the dance floor.)

Mick and mick's picks:
All atlantic city is proud
Of the steel pier mick's picks:
Steel pier

No place draws
A friendlier crowd
Than the steel pier

Mick's picks:
Steel pier
So watch the joy go
On and on, ooh
Like some daffy marathon
Bring your troubles here
Watch them disappear
At the truly uproarious, aaah
Glamorous, glorious,

Mick and mick pick's:
Steel pier

Oh how our lovebird's heart must be breaking! Deserted by
The man she loves only moments ago. But she won't let go
Of her dream. No, no. She's going to dance with another
Partner - olympic champion, johnny adel!

(mick signals johnny to start dancing with rita,
But she pushes him away and refuses to move.)

Life's a party
Why don't you come
To the steel pier?

Come on, rita - dance with johnny.

No one's ever
Gloomy or glum
At the steel pier

Come on, baby, you don't want to be disqualified, do you?
Dance with johnny. That's a girl.
(to the crowc.)
What a sport, folks! What a sport!

Rub a little suntan lotion.
Pay your dough be willing to ride
Sit on the boardwalk
Watching the tide

Come on, sweetheart - keep moving now. That a girl.
Dance, rita. You hear me? Dance.
I'm warning you, rita. Dance!
Did you hear me?
I don't know what the hell you think you're doing. Dance!

So watch the joy
Go on and on,
Like this crazy marathon

Don't make me have to disqualify you.
(to the crowd)
Folks! Ain't she something, huh?

At the truly uproarious.
Glamorous, glorious...

I'm warning you! Dance. Damn you! Dance. Or you're out.

Steel pier

Did you hear me? Is that what you want?
You just want me to say it? Is that what you want?
Is that the game we're playing now? Fine, i'm gonna say it.
You're out. There. I said it. You're out. You hear me?
You're out.
You're out!! Out! Out! Out!
(into the microphone)
You're out! You're out!
Everybody dance!

Scene: the women's dressing station

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