Songs For A New World synopsis

Songs For A New World Synopsis - Broadway musical

This show is an abstract spectacle, where the different numbers are linked by a common theme of selection or changing the surrounding reality. Two men and two women perform all the roles in the theatrical. Songs are about love and the people to whom it comes, and vicissitudes of life. Indecisive young man throws a bride at the altar, as he began to doubt the correctness of his choice. The young man refused to take the chance to check out own feelings. His self-confidence was gone after an unsuccessful experience of his father, who was trying to start a business, but went bankrupt. Risk of the man has not been justified; therefore, his son has decided to avoid situations in the future, where he would have to make any choice. Abandoned girl soon discovered her pregnancy. Having lost her husband, she decided not to grieve about it. The future child has become a symbol of new life for her. When the former lovers met many years later, they realized that they were made for each other.

The other young woman had a few admirers. She chose a rich man and married him. After a while, she realized that she made a mistake. Money did not bring her joy and happiness. Trying to re-interest chilled husband, the woman stepped out on the cornice of the apartment. Whether she re-attracts the attention of her husband or not?

Angry wife could not forgive her husband. Again left alone at Christmas, Mrs. Claus decides to leave him. At the same time, the woman continued to love her spouse, knowing that people need his work. But she couldn’t watch the sled again taken away Santa Claus from her.

What will be the future of a teenager who lives in a poor and criminal neighborhood? He wants to get out of this place and relies hopes on basketball. The question is – will he have the strength to escape from reality?

The first settlers are sailing on the ship to the New World. Expelled from Spain Jews had hoped to find in the US Coast safe place. They will have to start their lives again, forgetting what they were accustomed to back home.

During the War of Independence, the American woman awaits the return of the soldier-son. She sews for him his country's flag. But the young man will never come back – he is already on the way to the other world, knowing that would never see his mother again.

In prison, a man claims that accusations against him are false and proclaims own innocence. Arrested requires release from prison. After leaving the chamber, he once again becomes the leader of his movement.

After going through many trials, men and women aware that they have become stronger in spirit.
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