Songs For A New World review

Songs For A New World Review - Broadway musical

According to J. R. Brown, this production cannot be attributed neither to a musical nor to a revue. It is a theatrical-styled song cycle. Musical numbers included in the show, were created over the years for a variety of different projects. The composer offered Daisy Prince to join the work – daughter of famous producer and director Hal Prince. They examined the available material for three years in a row. Many songs have been weeded out and new songs have been written. The main problem was that the show has not yet had an entrance part. The composer found his inspiration deep in the night, realizing that the song’s concept should be formed around the change of human feelings or the reality around such a person. After completion of the show, its production for the WPA Theater began.

Thanks to the ideas of group of talented designers, this staging featured original scenography. Separate decorations were prepared for each number. During the song on a ship, from the floor rose up a piece of white cloth, turning into a sail. As soon as it fell down, on the stage behind it, appeared a woman on the cornice of a tall building. Soon, with the help of the same fabrics, the shining city of dreams was shown in the distance. During the song about the war for independence, from the ceiling descended a giant American flag, on creation of which soldier's mother started to work. When the soul of her son was flying away, the Stars-and-Stripes-flag was lifting up. In the music number about the prisoner, the man was in the chair over the glowing grid. In the original histrionics, the final composition was performed by the author, who participated in the show as a pianist.

Critics have called J. R. Brown one of the smartest creators of contemporary Broadway songs. They noted that a show was fun, exciting and completely captivated the attention of the public. Due to the general rhythm, inherent to melodies of J. R. Brown, songs of revue developed in a harmonious narrative line. Musical’s compositions were written in several genres: pop, gospel, jazz and so on. Because of the small cast and orchestra, this production has become a favorite staging piece shown in small theaters and high schools. Critics noted that the show required actors with great vocal data for the perfect embodying of the storyline.
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