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Third Letter Home lyrics

Third Letter Home

Mum, this letter is a quick one cuz
I'm working day and night now.
If things keep going well
I'll be the female Calvin Klein.
Viv's been a smashing friend, Mum,
introducing me to buyers.
People find my hats outrageous,
which in New York means they're fine!

No, I never hear from Sheldon,
but I read what he is up to.
He's working on a musical
'bout Rommel as a boy.
Mum, I've never seen a drink here
that isn't full of ice cubes.
And I've ever met a waiter here
who doesn't say "Enjoy."

I have met this married man, Mum.
Now don't go off the deep end.
It's just a bit of nonsense, oh,
I've made that very clear.
He's got four lovely children.
Well, I've only seen their pictures.
I never really miss him,
but I like it when he's here.

I know you won't approve, Mum.
I feel I must have someone.
I know if Dad could see me...

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