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Married Man lyrics

Married Man

Skulking around, pretending that I do not know you.
Making sure the looks I throw you, aren?t explicit.

Don?t make a sound, when I meet you where you?re working.
Who?d of thought there?s such fun lurking, in being illicit.

Yes I have met Paul.
How have you been?
How?s um, Shirley?

Meet me in the hall, we mustn?t both leave,early.

There my Super stands with his broom.
He?s closing your clandestine trips to my room.
I don?t care. My affair, is my affair.

West Port Execs, golfing in your Izod V-Necks.
Viv says you?re there like
Kleenex, to be used love.

Desperate for sex. Meeting all those obligations.
Family?s bring such deep
frustrations, oh, my confused love.

Yes I do have thoughts,
on curing your, dilemma.

When your family ties
need loosening,
here?s Emma.

I don?t have to love you, you see.
There is one more thing that I get to be,
not alone,
not alone,
not alone...

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