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Finale lyrics


Just what time of night do you call this?
What on earth is wrong?
Paul, it's half past two,
you should not be here.
Let me finish, I said let me finish.
I have to be up very early tomorrow.
All right, I can let you stay for a moment.
You must stop right now. Are you raving mad?
Don't say one word more.
Let me finish. I said let me finish.
You must not even think such things.
What we have in this room is very sweet,
but you'd have to be mad to think
I would want you to leave your wife and kids for me.
In a way it's almost a joke.
Do you know what went on with me today?
I sold my whole collection to Nieman Marcus.
Today's my best day since I've been here.
Paul, you have to go home right now.
Shirley need never find out about this.
Oh, I see, you've already told her.
No, I don't deny;
yes, I said those things,
but I did not mean...
Yes, you deserve all the joy that you found here!
This isn't your only chance.
Oh, Paul, I love you but not in that way.
Please go. It won't seem so bad in the morning.
(Listen, we both went into this with our eyes open,
I never lied to you. I never promised you more.
We're all grown-ups. Shirley will take you time.
I'm fond of you Paul, and I'll always be here for you,
anytime you need.)

What in the hell have I done this time?
If you want something ruined, give it to me!
Show me a dream, and I'll show you a nightmare!
I'm not a little girl anymore, I keep forgetting that!
I set out to use Paul, and now look what I have done.
What kind of a person have I turned into?
'Cause I never used to be like this.

A love really hurt me, I hurt someone back.
My work's had a great successful bow.
And that look of New York I wanted to have,
oh Emma, I have it now.
Take that look off your face.
You were better naive
what you are always shows on your face
that's what people believe.
If you can't face the face in the mirror, who are you?
It's so simple and yet I never knew!
I'll be Emma again.
If it means being hurt, I'll be hurt,
but I'll like myself then.
Ev'ry word that I'm saying will happen, wait and see.
If you think that it won't,
you don't know me,
you don't know me!

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