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Second Letter Home lyrics

Second Letter Home

Mum, I know you'll think I'm potty,
but this time I've really found him.
Joe is what they call Midwestern.
How to tell you what that means?
He is open, optimistic,
and makes ev'rything seem easy,
and what he likes to wear are bright red cowboy boots and jeans.

His idea of an evening is a picnic on the carpet.
I set out fried chicken and a bottle of Chablis.
He sells software and must travel,
so at home he likes relaxing,
and as we talk he runs his finger times all over...

Joe lives down in Greenwich Village;
that's a trendy part of New York.
He shares a loft with an attorney
with the unlikely name of Dwight!
Dwight says he'll get my green card,
unless you and Dad are Cuban.
So if you haven't lied, Mum, I ought to be all right.

[Thanks to Hayley for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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