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Let Me Finish lyrics

Let Me Finish

Just what time of night do you call this?
Well, it's three A.M. It's my first night here;
where the hell were you?
Let me finish, I said let me finish.
Of course, that's the answer, you're a musician.
No prob. I've been rather busy all evening;
Mary Ellen called, Margarita called, Jane or Janet called.
Let me finish, I said let me finish.
This is not what I came here for.
I came all of this way to be with you.
If I like being bored I'd have stayed in art school.
A New York girl wouldn't stand for this!
This is not what I came here for.
Don't you know what this whole trip means to me?
I am here cuz of you and cuz my friend Vivian says
I've the talent to get on here.
Do you think that I don't? I do!
Did you really think I was joking?!
You have got a nerve, no I didn't write Janet's number down!
I can't believe that you actually said that.
I'd have to be bonkers to put up with this.
Where the hell did I put my bags.
I really think there's nothing to keep me here.
And if you call me "Emma Baby" one more time I will scream.
That's it! Let me finish.
I don't even care where I go!
I don't often stand up for myself,
but it's time that I started.
Oh, by the way, Chuck, I spilled tea on you bongos.
Well that's that, can't think of a reason to stay.
Goodbye. And I'll pay you back for the air fare.

Please don't start to make excuses,
you don't want a second chance.
All this is is empty rubbish.
Spare me please the song and dance.

All I want is something honest,
that's what's gone from this romance.
We had fun, but now it's over.
There, goodbye, no song and dance.

[Thanks to Hayley for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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