Poor Sweet Baby lyrics - Snoopy

Poor Sweet Baby lyrics

Poor Sweet Baby

Poor, sweet baby
Poor, poor, sweet, sweet baby
Show me where it hurts, I'll tell you how to make it well
I've won lots of loving cups for playing show and tell

My poor, sweet baby
Poor, poor, sweet, sweet baby
When you neeed a shoulder come and try mine on for size
I'm real good at holding hands and
Really great at drying eyes

Just try me
Cry me all your tears
Why deny me
The pleasure of dryin'em
Stoppin' you cryin'em

Don't despair for
Smiles are what I'm there for
You won't have to look for me, I'll always be right near
Near to kiss and cuddle you and
Whisper in your little ear
Don't fear

There, there, Baby
Poor, sweet baby
Poor, sweet baby
Mama's near
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