Big Bow-Wow lyrics - Snoopy

Big Bow-Wow lyrics

Big Bow-Wow

Wait`ll they see the old dog now,

Stealin` the show,

My mom wouldn`t know her pup!
I`m gonna be a v.i.p.,
Hey, look at me, a v.i.p.,
Thoroughbred sort,
A very important pup!
Three, no!
Two, no!
I`m numero uno!
Are they ready for you know who?
I`m gonna be the big bow-wow,
You`re gonna see `em all cow tow,
Name on my door,
Rug on my floor,
And now no longer `hey step aside runt,`
Flashin` the profile from sidefront,
Now i`m the big bow-wow
Class, yes!
Style, yes!
Out front by a mile, yes!
Look me up in the new `who`s who`!
Gonna be hearing from snoopy,
Pardon, my beagle, but whoopie,
Now i`m the big bow-wow
Bigger than rin-tin-tin and lassie,
Bigger than benji, twice as classy.
Let `em eat steak,
It`s time that i take my bow;
Sandy can throw in the towel,
Snoopy it`s your night to howl,
Now i`m the big bow-wow!

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