Mother's Day lyrics - Snoopy

Mother's Day lyrics

Mother's Day

Mom! Mom! Oh, excuse me. I thought you were my mom.
I was SURE you were my mom. Oh, mom. If only that had been you.

Everyday would be mother's day if I could have you back.
I can still hear the song you sang the day you helped me pack.
How proud I'd make you be, you'd never live to see,
the day that I would make you cry one teardrop over me!
No, there's no price that I would not pay to see the way you'd smile each time
I'd ask about my pedigree! I'd be the kind of pup to whom you could look up.
And everyday would be mother's day for me!

Oh, mom. Mom! If only you knew how much I'd miss ya.
How many times I think of the thousand little ways you had
of showing me that I came first in your heart. Like,
like the way you used to hide my brothers, Spike,
and Marbles whenever anyone came to the farm to buy a puppy.
How it was always me you pushed forward so they'd be sure to notice me.
And the day, the day the little round-headed kid came and picked me out from all the others,
how happy he'd made ya. And mom, when you didn't show up to say goodbye,
I geuss you knew it was 'cause I'd understand it was only because you couldn't bear to see me go.
Just as I know why you haven't kept in touch or tried to see me all these years.
Can't take the heartbreak of parting all over again. Oh, mom. If you can take it, I can take it!

There's no price that I would not pay, oh,
to see the way you'd smile each time you used to bounce me off your knee!
Or dog each step you took on my appointment, but,
everyday would be mother's day, everyday would be mother's day, everyday would be...

Mom! embarrasing. All beagles look alike to me.

I'd dog each step you took like a million and in my appointment, but, everyday would be mother's day.
Everyday would be mother's day. Everyday, I say everyday, would be mo-ther's - day for me!

Mom, I love you. Wherever you are.
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