Dime a Dozen lyrics - Snoopy

Dime a Dozen lyrics

Dime a Dozen

Dime a dozen
special today
A dime a dozen
take 'em away
Dime a dozen
any takers?
Okay, what say, I'll make it a baker's
Thirteen for a tenth of a dollar
Let's go, I'll throw in a collar
for every beagle you buy
Dime a dozen, unlimited supply!

Dime a dozen
cheap as they come
Dime a dozen
face it, old chum
Bargain basement - that's my speed yeah
Cut rate
Tin plate
Economy breed, yeah
This canine is out, canine
French poodle, it boggles the mind

Don't knock em dead, penny plea for me!
Dime a dozen
is all I'll ever be

(Peppermint Patty & Sally)
Who wants him?
Who needs him?
No joking
do-wah, do-wah
House broken!

Dime a dozen special today
A dime a dozen, take him away
Dime a dozen, any takers?
Okay, what say?
I'll make it a baker's
One dime for the kit and kaboodle
Four thousand dozen for the price of a poodle
Let's show you know a good buy

(Peppermint Patty & Sally)
No one can touch your supper!

Dime a dozen
Dime a dozen
Unlimited supply

(Peppermint Patty & Sally)
Do-wah, do-wah!
Do-wah do-wah!
Do-wah do-wah!

(Lucy, spoken)
Wont somebody, anybody buy?

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