Snoopy synopsis

Snoopy synopsis

Snoopy Synopsis - Broadway musical

The group of 5-year-old kidz called themselves a "peanut company". It consisted of Charlie, Sally, Linus, Lucy and Patty. Appearing on the stage, the kids saw Snoopy – a puppy beagle sitting on the roof of his kennel. The dog was a friend of Charlie. Having started to discuss the merits of pets, children almost convinced the young owner that he had to have another pet. Distressed Snoopy decided – little buddy wanted to do so because of his bad behavior. Puppy promised himself to change for Charlie. Soon to the little dog flew Woodstock. A friend received a huge problem: it seemed to him that he fell in love with the worm. And only Snoopy could help his winged friend to resolve such doubts. Love concerns upset also a little girl from peanut company. Patty thought that if her face were prettier, Charlie would certainly pay more attention to her.

Going to school, the children raised an issue of Edgar Allan Poe. They were afraid that if the teacher would begin to ask them about this poet, they’d fail and therefore, they made every effort to distract the adult person from this field. During the Mother's Day, Snoopy realized how much he missed his mother. Meanwhile, Patty, Sally and Lucy began to discuss this little knowledge they have received for their short-lived life.

On the eve of Halloween, Linus have decided to stay up all night to wait for the Great Pumpkin appearance. Snoopy, whom a boy took with him, was not at all happy about this idea. Peanut company in the morning was looking at the sky with clouds. Children seen flying dragons, amazing mountain, a herd of white horses. But sad Charlie noticed only a horse and ducks in the sky. Dressing up like the Easter Beagle, Snoopy started giving the children painted eggs. He treated everyone but his owner. Charlie could only wonder why his favorite behaved like that. Seeing such an attitude to the boy, Patty, Lucy and Sally decided to sell Snoopy, since he was now useless to the owner. But the dog quickly oriented himself and started to correct own mistakes. Soon the problem settled down. The children began to complain that they’ve been living in a very boring place.

Snoopy decided to become a writer and sent his creation to the journal. But his work was soon rejected. Striving of doggie remained steadfast, and he began to write a new novel. Gathering her courage, Patty ironically confessed Charlie in love. Watching the trees with flying foliage, Sally suddenly realized that there is much in this life about what she does not even have a clue. Sitting on the roof of the doghouse, Snoopy honed his craft of a writer. Soon he received a letter, prepared by Woodstock. The letter stated that the little dog was elected a head of the Beagles. In anticipation of the upcoming Christmas, Peanut company looked at the dark sky. Charlie thought out loud that everyone in the sky had their own star. Children have promised to always remember about their friendship, no matter how many years would have passed since that moment.
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