The Life I Never Led (Reprise) lyrics - Sister Act The Musical

The Life I Never Led (Reprise) lyrics

The Life I Never Led (Reprise)

Mary robert:
I've always been good,
I've always obeyed.
I've lived as you taught me,
I've prayed as you've prayed.
I've never one missed
A rule on your list -
I've done as a sister should do.

But now, i won't bend!
Now, i won't bow!
My sister's in need
Of a sister right now!

And i will not stay
And blindly obey,
And just turn away
From what's true.

You promised one day god
Would call me -
Isn't that what you said?
Well, this is that day,
This is that call.
I'm either a sister
Or nothing at all.
So i'm going now,
Or leaving forever instead.
It's time to start living
The life i never led!

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