Sister Act The Musical review

Sister Act The Musical Review - Broadway musical

Those who say that this item is a simple comedy, seems to have little understanding of the theatrical art at the first place. Of course, the project is considered a worthy representative of the aforementioned genre, but its main task is to demonstrate the ability of each person to change for the better, and show the power of true friendship. Against this background, comedic scenes and jokes fade, but still they very well dilute the atmosphere of particular moments. The spectacular itself begins as a thriller. But along with the progress through the storyline, the situation changes dramatically. The starting point can be considered the moment when the unfortunate singer Deloris enters the monastery. The clash of two cultures & ways of life adds a considerable portion of fun. In the end, the nice and unostentatious morality pops-up on the surface, which will be useful to know.

The creators highly risked, when entrusted the main role to 24-year-old Patina Miller. In her role, she should perform experienced woman, who tried many things in life, both permitted and forbidden. But the actress did not disappoint anyone. Maybe she looks dissimilar to Deloris from the movie, but who said that everyone in the show must comply with the creation of 1992? Despite the small space for creativity, Patina Miller managed to maneuver to present her vision of the famous character. Miss Cartier in her performance turned very energetic and fun (though, we all understand that facial expressions of Whoopi are much more vivid and recognizable and somewhere similar to ALF’s ones). This had a positive impact on the pace of the narration, saving it from long, uninteresting and heartbreaking dialogues between the protagonists. The rest of the performers did well too, but from the beginning, it was clear that the project would revolve around a single character.

The producers did not spare funds for the scenery. In particular, very well were elaborated elements of the monastery. Numerous statues, paintings – all these were neither just ordinary stickers or plastic products, nor even a papier-mâché, but original items, borrowed or bought from a variety of exhibitions. What can we say, even if the balcony, where the choir was located, has been created completely hand-made of wood and delicately processed by craftsmen? All of this was an integral part of incredibly beautiful puzzle called musical. Without them, the effect of acting could be significantly darker.

So this is a thing to demonstrate the true value of friendship and the power of the human volition and nature. Everyone can change himself or herself for the better, if to try hard.
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