Fabulous, Baby! lyrics - Sister Act The Musical

Fabulous, Baby! lyrics

Fabulous, Baby!

Look at my style, could it be more glam?
Lood at my look, can you say, hot damn?
Look, an' at once, you know what i am:
Me, i'm fabolous baby!

[there she goes, fantamasizin' again.]

[baby, whatever you sniffin', i want me some.]

Look at my moves, don't they blow your mind?
Drama, and talent, and sex - combined!
Hell, you could tell even if you're blind!
See? I'm fabolous, baby!

I'm meant to be where the spotlight shines!
Born to be on display!
Built to be dressed to the ninety-nines,
And ready to stand and say - hey.

Look at me!
Can'tcha see,
I'm fabolous, baby!
Look right here,
Ain't it clear,
Where i'm heading to?
And look at the time -
Honey, i can't stay!
Look while you can,
'Cause i'm on my way!
Me, i'm fabolous baby.
I got fabolous things to do!

[where you goin'?]

[wherever it's happenin'!
New york, vegas... Pittsburgh!]

[oh now we're talking' big-time.]

[hello, pittsburgh, i'm deloris van cartier!]

Look at my boobs,...

... At my clothes,...

... My hair!

Look what's up here...

... And then look back there.

Look all you want,
I got lots to spare!

Just stand back and clear the track!
'Cause look at me!
Can'tcha see

I'm fabolous, baby!
(so fabolous, baby!)

Check me out!
Ain't no doubt,
Where this girl is bound!

So joke all ya want,
Go ahead and laugh.
One day you'll beg for my autograph!
Oh, i'm fabolous, baby!

So damn fabolous, baby!

Can'tcha see me lit up on a stage
As the cameras adore me! (ah!)
Can'tcha see me out walkin' red carpets - or doin' tv? (ooo!)
Can'tcha see all my millions of fans
Screamin' desp'rately for me?

I'm a diva, a goddess,
A star on the brink!
A house-rocking vision
In hot shocking pink!
A party! A riot!
The whole kitchen sink!
It's time for the world to find out,
Don'tcha think? Wo-ho-ho
Look at me,
Can'tcha see!

She's fabolous, baby!

Yeah, i'm fabolous, baby!

Feast your eyes,
Can't disguise
My star quality!
So laugh all you want,
I won't be denied.
What i have got is too hot to hide!
I am fabolous, baby!
So damn fabolous, baby!
I'll do fabolous, guarantee!
I'll be fabolous, baby,
Fresh, free, fabolous, baby!
Fine and fabolous,
Wait and see!

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