Bless Our Show lyrics - Sister Act The Musical

Bless Our Show lyrics

Bless Our Show

Bless our show,
Bless our music,
Bless the songs we?re gonna sing.
Bless the stage that we?ll stand on
When we stand and do our thing.
Bless each line, every number,
All the steps that we?ve rehearsed.
And allow us, somehow to be great,
At the worst.
Bless each note,
And each lyric,
Help us try to stay on key.
Bless the lights
And the soundboard,
Bless our choreography.
From the top of the downbeat
'Till the final curtain call -
Bless the day,
Bless our show,
Bless it all!

[well that?s our prayer everybody, good night and god bless!]

Mary patrick:
No, no, no, no, no, wait, mary clarance! Wait!
There?s still so much more to pray for!

Well, what'di leave out?
I blessed the soundboard for chrissakes!

Mary patrick:
Bless our props!

Mary wiligis:
Bless our costumes!

Mary robert:
Give our sequins extra glitz!

Mary kiara:
Bless our moves!
Make ?em killer!

Mary lazarus:
Let us nail the funky bits!

Mary alban:
Bless our vibe!

Mary kateri:
Give us mojo!

Mary josephat/mary emebert:
Help our booties shake on cue!

Let us rest when we?re stressed,
So our best shines through!

Bless our riffs and arrangements!
Let our solos truly rock!

Mary robert:
Help us tear up the sucker,
'Till they hear us down the block!

Let us lay down the boogie
'Till its bouncing wall to wall!

Some nuns:
Bless our mics!

Other nuns:
Bless our amps!

All nuns:
Bless it all!
Let our voices gleam and glisten!
Grant us strength to sing our best!
And let all of those who listen
Feel they too are truly blessed!


Bless our love and our friendship,
May it somehow be enough.
Most of all, keep us smiling
While we?re strutting all our stuff.
Let us lift one another
'Till the spirits fill the hall.

Mary adelard:
Bless the beat!

Mary lazarus:
Bless the base!

Mary patrick:
Bless each person in the place!

Mary miguel:
Bless the footlights!

Mary timolous:
Bless the spotlights!

Mary lezin:
Let 'em light up every face!

Mary genisius/mary miguel/mary josephat/mary cecelia:
Bless our hearts!

Mary lezin/mary petroc/mary kateri/mary wiligis:
Bless our souls!

Bless our song!

Bless our song!

All nuns:
Bless our church!
Bless our sisters!
Bless our show!

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