What's Wrong with Me? lyrics - Singin' In The Rain

What's Wrong with Me? lyrics

What's Wrong with Me?

What's wrong with me?
Why doesn't he kiss me?
He has the chance
For a romance
What's wrong with me?

Whoat's wrong with me?
how come I don't thrill him?
He doesn't feel
My sex appeal
What's wrong with me?

Maybe I'm much too exciting
At dinner he don't even flirt
I know I'm truely inviting
So why don't he stay for dessert?

He asked me out in the moonlight
To linger and to roam
I thought he'd take me in his arms
But he just tooke me home

What's wrong with him?
He's lost his Libido
I got the urge
So why don't he splurge
What's wrong with him?

What's wrong with him?
We should be out dancing
I'm hot to trot
He'd rather not
What's wrong with him?

There's things more important than diction
So a girl can't say CAHN'T
I said it!
Why is he causing such friction
When he could be Mr. Lamont?!

What's wrong with me?
Why all this confusion
I'm quite a girl
A real cultured pearl
What's wrong with me?

I ain't so dumb!
This peach ain't a plum!
What' wrong with him?
Tell me what's wrong with me?!

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