Singin' In The Rain review

Singin' In The Rain Review - Broadway musical

Like the classic film of 1952, this musical tells the story of a revolutionary moment in the history of cinema, when the mute picture finally found sound. This event is interesting itself, but the writers have decided not to limit themselves and have elaborated additional storyline circling around the character Don Lockwood. They show the audience the life of a famous silent films actor, his relationships with others, as well as the feelings associated with the advent of sound films. In addition to the Lockwood, show has a lot of interesting characters that have unique life stories. To move written on paper to the stage, were invited only star actors to perform the main roles. Don Correia embodied valiant Don, who before becoming a star passed a difficult and thorny way of provincial musician; Mary D'Arcy revived the image of a strong and at the same time good girl Kathy; Peter Slutsker put on a mask of friendly jovial named Cosmo. But most of all the applause worthy acting job of Faye Grant, who smartly played the role of Lina. Along the way, her character causes a little sympathy from the audience, but at the end, everyone empathize with her. After all, if you think deeper, she is a very talented actress who simply was not ready for such a drastic change in the movie business.

The scenery here has the second-line role. In most cases, it is made in the form of an arch, a wall or a minimalist version of the film studio. This is done in order not to distract the audience from what is happening on the stage. The creators have repeatedly noted that the basis of their creation in addition to acting is music and choreography. The latter two concepts are closely intertwined: during the entire play, dancing successfully highlighted by the elegant compositions. ‘Good Morning’, ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘You Are My Lucky Star’ – the lyrics from these songs are familiar to everyone, and we have learned from this musical even how to dance to them right. The real decoration of this theatrical is the episode with the performance of the composition ‘Singin' in the Rain’, giving the name to the entire play. In the center of the stage, decorators have put a small pool, the water level in which was only an inch. Fulfilling the dance, the central actors sprayed water, creating the effect of ongoing rain.

The show is not intended to replace the original film by no means. Rather, it complements it, paying more attention to the consideration of the characters, not forgetting to mention the classic moments. In addition to everything, this musical enables modern look on the most iconic moments in the history of cinema. It was a kind of a war with winners and losers.
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