Singin' In The Rain synopsis

Singin' In The Rain Synopsis - Broadway musical

This is the story about Don Lockwood – star of silent films, who began his career as a musician, a dancer and even a stuntman. The protagonist barely tolerates the antics of selfish and superficial Lina Lamont, that is his on-screen partner. Despite this, the studio Monumental Pictures at every opportunity connects artists with romantic relationship. This is done exclusively in order to increase their popularity and one of movies with their participation. Interestingly, Lina herself began to believe that between her and Don there is some connection. But in fact, it is a complete lies. At the premiere of a new movie called ‘The Royal Rascal’, actor tells to the assembled audience slightly embellished version of his personal life. Lockwood also voiced his motto, which is as follows: dignity is always worthy.

In order to get away from his fans quickly after the premiere, Don jumps into the first passing-by car, driven by a dancer Kathy Selden. She responds with a sneer on his works and says that the silent antics unworthy of such attention of the public. Later, at some studio party, its head R. F. Simpson demonstrates the guests of the event the filming picture, but they find it almost unimpressive. They estimated it as something vulgar and frivolous. At the same time, Don meets Kathy for the second time. Now he does a mild mocking on her, but receives a response in a couple of minutes in the form of a cake throw. The actor manages to dodge, and the cake flies directly to Lina's face. Obstinate dancer leaves the party as if nothing had happened. The protagonist is shocked by this act, and he really gets interested in person of his new acquaintance. After several weeks of searching, he finds Kathy working in other studio. She confesses that she has always been a big fan of Don’s work.

After the incredible success of film ‘The Jazz Singer’, released by the studio-rival, R. F. Simpson decides to take the next sound joint project of Lockwood and Lamont. He even has a name of the future brainchild – ‘The Duelling Cavalier’. But on the first day of filming team faces many challenges. The most important of these is certainly a raspy voice of Lina and her strong New York’s accent. Disgruntled diction coach tries to teach the actress to pronounce the replica correctly, but to no avail. Screening results also fail: due to improper placement of microphones, sound turned barely audible. In the middle of the scene, it goes out of sync at all, which adds slightly amusing result.

Don, Kathy and Cosmo enter the studio with the idea to turn ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ into a musical called ‘The Dancing Cavalier’, the basis of which should be a number ‘Broadway Melody’. But the question of what to do with Lina’s voice, remains open. Cosmo offers to sound character of Lina with voice of Kathy. R. F. approves the idea, and the result completely justifies itself. However, this fact expectedly frustrates Lina. She arranges hysterics, threatening to sue the studio, but in the end, continues to work.

‘The Dancing Cavalier’ experiences a huge success at the box office. When the audience asks the actors to sing live, Lina just opens own mouth at synchronized sound. At this point, Don, Cosmo and R. F. raise the curtain and announce the real star – Kathy. Lina leaves the scene in tears, and Don and Kathy continue to bathe in the glory. Passionate kiss of the main characters is a perfect ending of this action.
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