Oh! False One, You Have Deceived Me lyrics - Pirates of Penzance, The

Oh! False One, You Have Deceived Me lyrics

Oh! False One, You Have Deceived Me

FRED. Oh, false one, you have deceived me!
RUTH. I have deceived you?
FRED. Yes, deceived me! (Denouncing her.)


FRED. You told me you were fair as gold!
RUTH. (wildly) And, master, am I not so?
FRED. And now I see you're plain and old.
RUTH. I'm sure I'm not a jot so.
FRED. Upon my innocence you play.
RUTH. I'm not the one to plot so.
FRED. Your face is lined, your hair is grey.
RUTH. It's gradually got so.
FRED. Faithless woman, to deceive me,
I who trusted so!
RUTH. Master, master, do not leave me!
Hear me, ere you go!
My love without reflecting,
Oh, do not be rejecting!
Take a maiden tender her affection raw and green,
At very highest rating,
Has been accumulating
Summers seventeen ? summers seventeen.

Don't, beloved master,
Yes, your former master
Crush me with disaster. Saves you from disaster.
What is such a dower to theYour love would be uncomfortably
dower I have here? fervid, it is clear
My love unabating If, as you are stating
Has been accumulating It's been accumulating
Forty-seven year forty-seven year! Forty-seven year forty-seven year!

What shall I do? Before these gentle maidens
I dare not show in this alarming costume!
No, no, I must remain in close concealment
Until I can appear in decent clothing!

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