Stop, Ladies, Pray! lyrics - Pirates of Penzance, The

Stop, Ladies, Pray! lyrics

Stop, Ladies, Pray!

Stop, ladies, pray!
Chorus. (Hopping on one foot.)
A man!
I had intended
Not to intrude myself upon your notice
In this effective but alarming costume;
But under these peculiar circumstances,
It is my bounden duty to inform you
That your proceedings will not be unwitnessed!
But who are you, sir? Speak! (All hopping.)
I am a pirate!
Chorus. (recoiling, hopping)
A pirate! Horror!

Ladies, do not shun me!
This evening I renounce my vile profession.
And to that end,
O pure and peerless maidens,
O blushing buds of everblooming beauty,
I, sore at heart,
I, sore at heart,
Implore your kind assistance.

How pitiful his tale!

How rare his beauty!

How pitiful his tale!
How rare his beauty! Last Update: August, 17th 2016

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