Now for the Pirates' Lair! lyrics - Pirates of Penzance, The

Now for the Pirates' Lair! lyrics

Now for the Pirates' Lair!

Now for the pirates' lair! Oh, joy unbounded!
Oh, sweet relief! Oh, rapture unexampled!
At last I may atone, in some slight measure,
For the repeated acts of theft and pillage
Which, at a sense of duty's stern dictation,
I, circumstance's victim, have been guilty!

Young Frederic! (Covering him with pistol)

Who calls?

Your late commander!

And I, your little Ruth! (Covering him with pistol)

Oh, mad intruders,
How dare ye face me? Know ye not, oh rash ones,
That I have doomed you to extermination? (KING and RUTH
hold a pistol to each ear)

Have mercy on us! hear us, ere you slaughter!

I do not think I ought to listen to you.
Yet, mercy should alloy our stern resentment,
And so I will be merciful-- say on!
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