Transition 2 lyrics - Passion

Transition 2 lyrics

Transition 2

Augenti, Soldier 1 & 2
All the time I watched from my room...
Thinking we'd meet...
Soldier 1
Thinking you'd look at me...
Soldier 2
Thinking you'd -
Augenti, Soldier 1 & 2
- be repelled by what you saw.
Soldier 1 & 2

Don't reject me...
Don't deny me...
Augenti, Soldier 1 & 2
Understand me, be my friend.
They hear drums, we hear music
Be my friend...

Scene Five
The courtyard.
Morning fog covers the stage as military exercises
take place. Giorgio enters with a suitcase in hand,
salutes the Soldiers, then begins to cross
the stage. The formation marches off as Fosca
surprises him out of the shadow.
When will you be back?
What are you doing up and out at this hour?
When will you be back?
You know I have a five-day leave.
Will you think about me when you're gone?
I'll think about my work, my superiours,
your cousin. That is why I will think of you.
(He begins to walk away but Fosca steps in his path)
Signora, please. Don't make this difficult.
(He walks further, but she continues to block his path.
He raises his hand to impede her; Fosca grabs it and
presses it to her breast, then throws herself around him.
Giorgio pushes her away)
Let go of me. You don't want someone to see you.
What does it matter if they see me? What do I care if
the whole world knows how I feel? I adore you. Is that
something I should be ashamed of? Is that something
I should hide?
(He tries once more to escape, but she
drops to the ground and wraps herself
around his legs)
I'm not a fool. I know you don't feel the same way as I do.
But one loves a dog, an animal. What can I do to get you
to love me - a human being like yourself?
(She begins to weep)
Get up Signora, please.
(he helps her up)
Calm down. Calm down, please. I have to leave
straight away. I am touched by your affection.
It flatters me greatly. My mind is racing
with so many thoughts...
Tell me your thoughts.
I have to leave straight away.
Write me.
Fine. I will write you.
Yes, I promise.
Tomorrow. Now, please go. I really don't
want anyone to see you here.
Bless you.
(She lets go and he races out. Music. Fosca
crosses to her drawing room on one side of the
stage while on the other side Giorgio and Clara's
meeting place appears. Clara is in bed.
Silently, Giogio comes to her and embraces her
passionately as she begins to strip off his clothes.
Augenti enters Fosca's drawing room with a letter.
He hands her the letter, then exits. Fosca tears
open the letter)
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