Fourth Letter lyrics - Passion

Fourth Letter lyrics

Fourth Letter

Clara, Giorgio
How could I forget you?
(A shadowy figure - Fosca - appears at the top
of the stairs and begins slowly descending)
Yesterday I walked through the park
To the place where we met.
Afterwards I sat on the bench
Where we sat all that sultry afternoon.

I thought about our room, our secret room
Where we were happy
And where we shall be happy again
Some day.

I see us in our room, our secret room,
And I don't feel so alone any more...
(Against her song, the Chopinesque piano music
which we heard before begins to play)
I close my eyes, imagining that you are there,
Imagining your fingers touching mine,
Imagining our room,
The bed, the secrecy, the world ourside,
Your mouth on mine...
(Fosca descends the last step. She carries some books
and approaches her empty place setting with an uncertain gait.
As she turns from the shadows, revealing herself, we discover
that she is an ugly, sickly woman: incredibly thin and sallow,
her face all bones and nose, her hair pulled tightly back.
Music holds)
(Giorgio sees her and is momentarily stunned. Clara exits.
Fosca gives a nervous, grotesque smile as the orchestra resumes,
playing the piano music. Giorgio quickly rises. Fosca speaks,
in rhythm to the music; her voice is lovely and elegant,
but melancholy)
I hope I didn't startle you.
Not at all. Signora Ricci, I'm Captain Bachetti -
- Bachetti. I know. My cousin has told me all about you.
I came to thank you for the books.
I would have sooner, but I've been so ill.
Well, now you seem to be feeling more normal.
Normal? I hardly think so. Sickness is normal to
me as health is to you.
Forgive me. I shouldn't speak of my troubles.
I've been going through a period of deep melancholy.
(There is an awkward moment of silence
as Adriana enters and pours Fosca a cup of coffee.
As she leaves, the music becomes low and intense.)
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