Forty Days lyrics - Passion

Forty Days lyrics

Forty Days

Giorgio, darling,
Forty days' leave so soon!
Imagine that, a whole forty days -
Well, forty marinees.
I'll be there to greet the train
That carried you away from me
Because it brings you home.

(Giorgio enters slowly. He has a blanket around him
and carries a suitcase as he moves towards the train
compartment where he sits)

I'm filling up the room, our secret room
With every flower in bloom.
I'll have the fire lit, the table set,
I'll wear the blue chemise.

And once we're in our room, our secret room,
Where I'll be able to care for you,
Kiss you, embrace you,
Be there for you...
(She exits. The train whistle blows and, just as the train
start to move, Fosca enters, carrying a small suitcase)
How could you? How dare you follow me?
You needn't speak to me. You could pretend that I'm not even here.
I am sick, don't you understand?
I understand all too well. I could attend to you.
I could help you get better.
I don't want you to help. You're the reason I'm sick.
I apologize. Nothing could be further from what I
wanted for you. That is why I want to follow you to Milan.
To see that you are well.
Fosca, you can't do this.
I heard what you said, Giorgio. I've come to tell you that
I will keep my distance. I will stay out of your path. But
I can be nearby, I can be quietly watching.
And you think that this will make me love you?
No, no. I am doing this because I love you.
My heart feels nothing for you.
How many times do you have to hear this?
This has nothing to do with your heart. This has
to do with your eyes. What you see. If I were
beautiful. If I were warm and soft to your touch -
you would feel otherwise.
No. Your appearance is no excuse for the way you behave.
My feelings towards you are because of your relentlessness,
your constant selfishness and insensitivity.
I'm sorry. No one has ever told me how to love. I know I
feel too much, Giorgio. I often don't know what to do
with my feelings. You understand that, don't you?
(slowly, pleading)
Fosca, you have to face the truth. Please.
You have to give me up.
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