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Music and lyrics were written by S. Sondheim. Writer – J. Lapine. Try-outs began in Plymouth Theatre in March 1994. The musical was on Broadway from May 1994 to January 1995 held with 52 preliminaries and 280 regular performances. Director was J. Lapine. The histrionics involved: J. Shea, D. Murphy, M. Mazzie, G. Edelman & T. Aldredge. British premiere was in Plymouth Theatre Royal, where the show was held in February 1996. From February to March 1996, the musical was shown in the Manchester Palace Theatre. Production took place also in Nottingham Theatre Royal in March 1996. The London’s West End premiere took place in the Queen's Theatre – the musical was there from March to September 1996 with 232 regular performances. Director was J. Sams. The play included: M. Ball, H. Hobson, M. Friedman & D. Firth. From July to August 2002, the musical was in the Kennedy Center, under the direction of E. Schaeffer. The show had cast: J. Kuhn, M. Cerveris & R. Luker.

In 2004, the show was held in the Netherlands. New London production was carried out in the Donmar Warehouse – tryouts began in September 2010. The theatrical was held from September to November 2010 under the direction of J. Lloyd. In the show, there was such cast: E. Roger, S. Strallen & D. Thaxton. German premiere was held in January 2011 in Dresden State Operetta. It ended in 2012. Director – H. Hauer. The show had such cast: M. Günzel, M. Switzer & V. Roussi. Off-Broadway production was held in the Theater of the Classic Stage Company from February to April 2013, directed by J. Doyle. The cast involved: A. Justman, J. Kuhn, R. Silverman, T. Nelis, S. Bogardus & W. Reynolds.
Release date: 1994
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