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Sunrise Letter lyrics

Sunrise Letter

I stand here staring at the sunrise,
Thinking how we've never seen a
Sunrise together
Thinking that the sunrise
Only means another day without you,
And thinking:
Can our love survive so much separation,
Keep itself alive, much less thrive?

If only you were here,
If I could feel your touch,
I wouldn't have such fear.
If only we had more than letters
Holding us together,
If we just could hold each other now,
The sunrise then could be
A thing that I could see
And merely think, "How beautiful..."
Clara, Giorgio
I now sit staring at the mirror -
You may not believe it, but I swear
As I stare there it is plain as day:
A gray hair,
Of which I was unaware,
Which is more than I can bear,
Which I'm ripping out right now
And am sending on to you
As a milestone of my age,
As a turning of the page...

Perhaps when next we meet,
I'll be a sorry sight,
You won't know who I am,
My hair completely white,
My face a mass of wrinkles.
What will you feel then, my Giorgio?
Time is now our enemy...

(Unsteadily, Fosca has entered and made her
way towards Giorgio; Clara exits)
You came a great distance to read her letters.
Are you trying to get away from me?
(Giorgio doesn't respond; he returns
the letter to his pocket)
Ever since I have recovered, you have made every
effort to run away from me. To be free of my company.
There are times when I wish to be alone.
I know that I offend you.
I won't have this conversation.
And what kind of conversation would you prefer, Captain?
Something innocuous? Perhaps we could discuss your troops?
Or maybe we should talk about the weather? It feels like
rain, don't you think?
I think you can be incredibly difficult.
I didn't come here to be difficult.
I came here to share your company.
(He notices blood on her hands)
What have you done to your hands?
(looking at them blankly)
I must have fallen.
(attending to her hands)
You have no business being out here on your own.
Do you wish me dead?
Fosca, don't be so unfair!
I know I'm unfair. I want to free you from the
burden of my affection. I know the torture you
are going through. I do know what it is that
I am doing to you.
(There is a long, painful moment of silence
as they sit and stare off into space)
Why is it that the daisies and violets are in blue?
They mistake the warmth of autumn for April.
What is that bird?
A wren.
What does it look like?
Small and grey. I think it's the smallest of birds.
You know so much.
Kiss me. I know I shouldn't ask such a thing.
A woman shouldn't have followed a man here. Well,
given my appearance, I don't behave as other
women do. And so I ask you for a kiss.
Then I will kiss you.
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