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I Read lyrics

I Read

I so enjoyed the novel by Rousseau.
Yes, it's wonderful. It's my favorite, really.
The character of Julie is a great mystery.
You should have kept the book longer to meditate over.
I do not read to think. I do not read to learn.
I do not read to search for truth
I know the truth, the truth is hardly what I need.
I read to dream.

I read to live. In other people's lives.
I read about the joys, the world
Dispenses to the fortunate,
And listen for the echoes.
I read to live,
To get away from life!
No, captain, I have no illusions.
I recognize the limits of my dreams.
I know how painful dreams can be
Unless you know they're merely dreams.
(Smiling aridly)
There is a flower which offers nectar at the top,
Delicious nectar at the top and bitter poison underneath.
The butterfly that stays too long and drinks too deep
Is doomed to die.

I read to fly, to skim -
I do not read to swim.
I do not dwell on dreams.
I know how soon a dream becomes an expectation
How can I have expectations?
Look at me.
No, captain, look at me -
Look at me!
I do not hope for what I cannot have!
I do not cling to things I cannot keep!
The more you cling to things, the more you love them,
The more the pain you suffer when they're taken from you...
(Calming down again)
Ah, but if you have no expectations,
You can never have a disappointment.
(Gives a short laugh; music continues under)
Forgive me. I must be mad to chatter on about myself like this to you.
I assure you -
No, forgive me, please...
But truly, there is nothing to forgive -
Have you explored the town?
It is remote, isn't it?
And provincial, don't you think?
And everything so brown:
The streets, the fields, the river even,
Though there are some lovely gardens.
You do like gardens, I hope?
Good, I can show you gardens.
And then of course there is the castle.
The ruined castle.
I find it lovely. Probably because it's ruined,
I suppose.
I didn't know there was a castle.
I like to take excursions there -
When I'm in better health.
Perhaps you join me and my cousin
One day...
That would be delightful.
I don't believe I've seen a flower or a garden since
the day I arrived.
(Fosca suddenly gets up and slowly leaves the room.
Confused, Giorgio rises and, after she has gone, takes
his books and begins to leave. We hear the distant
sound of field drums, muffled, funereal. Fosca, just
as unexpectedly, returns, carrying a small bunch of
flowers, which she offers to Giorgio without a word)
Thank you. How delightful.
(Crossing to the window)
I'm surprised you haven't seen our wonderful greenhouse.
Yes, we haven't had much luck with the vegetables this year.
But the gardenias and petunias are magnificent.
(Giorgio joins her at the window,
as the drums become louder.)
Oh look. There's a funeral procession. I suppose
they come here for flowers to adorn the casket.
(Fosca stiffens and steps back, drawing her
hand to her mouth, her eyes staring)
It's good to know that the dead here -
(Fosca begins to tremble)
(Fosca lets out a terrible cry and collapses
on the floor. Giorgio bends over her.)
Doctor! Doctor! Help!
(Two female attendants and the Doctor rush in
and reach her. Giorgio steps back, staring
helplessly as they carry her off)
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