Nice Work If You Can Get It synopsis

Nice Work If You Can Get It Synopsis - Broadway musical

1927. The bachelor party of Jimmy Winter. Three bootleggers were thinking where they could hide 400 boxes of gin. Hearing someone approaching, two of them escaped. Faced with the left girl bootlegger, dressed in trousers, a drunken Jimmy began to complain her on his mother, which didn’t let him marry for love. A girl became interested in him, only when heard that he is an owner of a house on the beach. She stole a wallet of the drunkenly fainted fellow & overlooked house’s address. Thus bootleggers learned about the empty house. Senator Evergreen, accompanied by sheriff & Duchess brought along a squad of moral police, promising to free society from bootlegging.

In the morning, bootleggers hid in the basement boxes of gin. Soon there came the couple – Jimmy & Eileen. The girl still not allowed her fiancée to touch her. Faced one of bootleggers, the couple suggested that he was their servant. Future wife announced the intention to bathe and went away. When she left the building, Billie stepped in. Bootlegger girl was surprised to find here Jimmy. Not remembering their meeting, he was flirting with the girl & kissed her.

After 4.5 hours, Eileen was still bathing. Cookie & Billie pondered how to divert attention of Jimmy from the cellar. When Eileen returned, Jimmy received a letter stating that his current spouse has changed her mind in annulment of their marriage. Upon hearing this, disgruntled future wife went away. At night, a bootlegger girl tried to seduce Jimmy. Suddenly there was the sheriff – he came to arrest the girl. He introduced Billie, as his wife & they spent the whole night together locked in the sleeping room.

Choirgirl thought of Duke as of a real English nobleman & decided to make him love her. Jimmy & a bootlegger girl understood that they are so much fell in love with each other. Soon came Eileen, accompanied by her father & aunt – Senator & Duchess. She demanded her marriage to her fiancée became legally valid. A young man was forced to proceed with the ceremony and his new love pretended as maid of this house. Other 2 bootleggers tried to divert attention of Eileen, going for the familial china for a formal dinner to the cellar.

Fake servants began to discuss a lunch. Duchess instructed them how to serve a breakfast. While a girl bootlegger was preparing the seating of guests at their tables, fiancée was trying to calm a girl down. Duke & Cookie started to serve for lunch. Singing a song, a girl allegedly not purposely spilled on knees of Jimmy hot soup. She also got it to Eileen, who immediately fired her. For a servant stood up intoxicated Duchess. Jimmy called a woman criminal; after they both realized that they will never be together. The young man left to prepare for the wedding. Billie accidentally disclosed the secret of Jeannie to Duke. A girl learned that he is not the real duke.

When Jimmy dressed, Billie came to him, to give the wallet back. Young people realized that it is the last time when they see each other. Wedding began. Before exchanging vows, sheriff decided to arrest bootleggers. Jeannie burst in the room, saying that she loves Duke. Sober Duchess also reported about her feelings to Cookie. Senator insisted on the arrest of bootleggers. Millicent said that Jimmy is his son. The Senator was very happy. The young man rushed for Billie & swore her in allegiance. His mother followed them. Millicent was a largest bootlegger on the island. Woman liked Billie. She wanted the girl was married to Jimmy & joined her business. Delighted Billie accepted the offer.
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