Nice Work If You Can Get It review

Nice Work If You Can Get It Review - Broadway musical

History of Billie girl, engaged in bootlegging and rich playboy Jimmy, who was married too often, immerses the audience in the energetic melodies of 20-ies of XX century. Swift foxtrot, fiery executed by bright choirgirls and police officers, takes the viewer to a time when the in States was the Prohibition. Contraband of liquors yielded huge profits, so it involved people of different strata. Against the background of bootlegging problem, develop several love stories: Billie and Jimmy, Jeannie and the Duke, the Duchess and Cookie.

Suddenly, the protagonist realizes that he married the wrong girl. Thanks to the telegram from the previous wife, Jimmy was able to suspend the wedding celebration for a few days. But fate has prevented to his plans to be with Billie – important people in the persons of Senator and Duchess influenced the young man. But even a quarrel between the lovers did not destroy the romantic feeling that enveloped them. Miraculously avoiding wedding to Eileen, Jimmy for the first time in his entire life took an independent decision, intending to marry Billie. But his mother also had a good sense of who would be the perfect wife for her son. And the girl-bootlegger was just such a person. Jimmy did not have to go against the mother in order to marry his beloved.

Stories of other characters though take less time, but also attract the attention. Both lovers had to step over their beliefs in order to gain personal happiness. Duchess was to reject the conventions of noble bloods. Choirgirl had to realize that it is not necessary to link the title of her beloved to his personality. Admitting in feelings only when bootleggers were threatened to be arrested, the woman tried to protect her love. Completion of the story shows that personal happiness depends only from the person himself. Therefore, it is not necessary to fight with own feelings, even if they will not be, at first, clear to others.

Musical melodies sound very softly and sincerely. Music of the famous composer is up to date – it is well perceived by the nowadays’ public. The charming dance numbers performed by Matthew Broderick and K. O'Hara bring to mind the classic Broadway compositions. Brightly choreographed performances attract the viewer's attention to the events taking place on the stage. Lyrical music heard throughout the musical. They give it a special lightness and romanticism. Immersed in love vicissitudes of characters, you can spend your time pretty well. Musical leaves behind a feeling of radiant joy. The unique histrionics allows the viewer to enjoy a beautiful story in the amazing musical accompaniment.
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

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