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Waiting lyrics


She said she'd come at four, has she forgotten?
I've thought of nothing else this endless day.
Perhaps she is regretting that moment when she kissed me.
That moment of surrender...

Or was it all a sport for her amusement?
A heartless little game some women play?
How can she have forgotten?
She made me feel she meant it.
How can she not remember?

Waiting, all my life, a kind of waiting.
Never sure why I was waiting.
Now I know I've waited for her.
Before her, my days went round and round.
Now I know where I belong.
Now I see a different way.
Now I hear a different song.
I woke at your kiss.
I came at your call.
The first wound of love cuts deepest of all.
So deep and so sweet.
Who are you?
What are you, Marguerite?

Why did I say I'd come?
What was I thinking?
I have too much to lose to lose my head.
Romance is for beginners.
For waitresses and shop-girls.
They need a happy ending.

Be careful, Marguerite.
Think what you're risking.
The boy's too high a price for you to pay.
A juvenile distraction.
A momentary madness.
A game of just pretending.

I have waited for all my lifetime.
I would have given all my life to find you.
You come now to save me, my prince in shining armour.
You tell yourself our story has begun.
I know already how it ends.
How soon it's done.
My hopes are lost beyond recall.
You come all too late.
Too late to tell a different story, and save the China doll.
Do not hope, dear Armand.
Do not wait, believe me.
What you ask for is forbidden.
What you ask for can't be given.
The years will pass.
Past hoping, past wishing, past waiting.

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