Marguerite synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Come One, Come All
  3. Let the World Turn
  4. Jazz Time
  5. China Doll
  6. China Doll (Reprise)
  7. The Face I See
  8. Time Was When
  9. The World Begins Today
  10. Waiting
  11. Intoxication
  12. Day by Day (Part One)
  13. I Am Here
  14. Take Good Care of Yourself Take Good Care of Yourself Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Day by Day (Part Two) Day by Day (Part Two) Video
  17. Dreams Shining Dreams Dreams Shining Dreams Video
  18. Take Good Care of Yourself (Reprise) Take Good Care of Yourself (Reprise) Video
  19. I Hate the Very Thought of Women I Hate the Very Thought of Women Video
  20. The Letter The Letter Video
  21. What's Left of Love
  22. Day by Day (Part Three) Day by Day (Part Three) Video
  23. How Did I Get to Where I Am?
  24. Day by Day (Part Four) Day by Day (Part Four) Video
  25. Come One Come All (Reprise) Come One Come All (Reprise) Video
  26. Finale Finale Video

Marguerite synopsis

Marguerite Synopsis - Broadway musical

1942. Marguerite is 40 years old. She celebrated this event in cheerful company with fellows. Georges took group of musicians to the birthday of a girl. It consisted of: Armand with sister, the friend of a girl Lucien and one more guy. Most of them are members of the French Resistance movement. Seeing Marguerite, Armand was pleasantly surprised – he has been an impassioned fan of the singer for a long time.

Birthday girl is overjoyed to see the musicians. Marguerite’s dancing on the table was appreciated by guests, but not by her lover-Nazi. Armand was able to defuse the dangerous situation, playing on the piano known song of a singer. Air-raid alarm began and people rushed in the underground bunker. There were only Marguerite & Armand in the room. Young man admitted that he understood the true feelings of the singer. Despite the seeming fun, she was not merry. She confessed his right guess – she hated Otto, although was forced to be tied to him. Pianist & singer caught up in their feelings. After their kiss, air raid was over and the departed people returned. The woman promised to meet with her new beloved tomorrow.

A singer tried to realize the feelings for the young man. Soon Nazi man came to her. He wanted to make a confession to woman in love, but the singer stopped him. Angered, he recalled that not even having the reciprocate feelings, she still remains his lover. She met the pianist and informed him that between them there can be no connection.

From the radio cipher, other two persons learned that soon the Jews would be forced to wear the special sign on their clothes. This greatly disturbed young man. Annette has promised to negotiate with the resistance to be lead out of Paris. Soon the police arrested Pierrot, detaining him with the stolen products. Musician sent to a concentration camp. Unable to withstand the tortures, he bought off with information about a Jew, telling executioners about Lucien. Annette asked her brother to leave Paris with her. Suddenly Lucien burst into the room. He said that he needed to go urgently.

Armand came to Marguerite and the lovers spent the night together. Annette and Lucien waited pianist at the station in vain. The young man left on the train, the girl remained in the city. Otto ordered his subordinate Hermann to follow Marguerite. Soon the woman visited Armand – she said that she could not stay longer because of the visit of guests to the general. After she left pianist frustrated, he scattered around the apartment the singer's love letters. Annette received from the Resistance important papers. Also, she has been warned that Armand’s beloved sees Otto – it was dangerous for both her and her brother.

Soon Hermann detained Annette. He found the girl's documents and began to beat information out of her. Otto read letters of pianist to the singer. When Marguerite came home, he tried to force her to give up Armand. The woman refused to do it, until she saw beaten Annette, which was brought into the house of General Hermann. After receiving a letter from his beloved, Armand was very upset. Otto made Marguerite accompany him on New Year's Eve party. Armand also entered there wearing a mask. Soon the young man shot the general to the death. Left without support, Marguerite asked Georges to find her a job as a singer. The woman was shocked by his refusal. It turns out he pretended to be her friend only to rotate in high society.

Paris was soon liberated. The crowd attacked the singer, remembering her Nazi lover. Armand with his friends rescued the woman, but could not save her. She died at the hands of a loved one.
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