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Let the World Turn lyrics

Let the World Turn

[Woman 1 [spoken]]
War? What war?

[Man 1 [spoken]]
I haven't noticed a war!

[Woman 1 [spoken]]
Life goes on exactly as before!

[Man 2 [spoken]]
War is for other people, not for us!

[Man [sung]]
If you're careful,

[Woman [sung]]
If you're clever,

Play your cards right,
Keep your nose clean,
Know the score,

Life continues
Same as ever
All the hay-days

All the pay-days
As before!
Let the world turn,
Let the world burn,
What do we care?
We'll get our share,
We will thrive.
Let the bombs drop,
Let the world stop,
Let them drop, sir,
Stay on top, sir,
Stay alive!

As for Coco Chanel,
What that woman won't do!
Living high in the Ritz,
With a German general too!
Well, you know, Marguerite,
If it's good for Chanel,
Gotta have one as well!

Need some gas, sir?

Have a tank-full!

Need a truck, sir?

You're in luck, sir!
Knock on wood!

Let's be greatful!
Let's be thankful!
It's an ill wind,
Doesn't bring you something good

[Man 1]
Screw this war!

[Man 2]
This isn't our war to fight!

[Man 3]
Sweet surrender gave us a second chance!

[Man 4]
Germany is putting our country right!

Germany is giving us back our France!

Out with the Reds!

Out with the Jews!

Take them away!
Let the sky fall!
Let the guns roar!
Some will [???]
Some will suffer,
Some will quit.
These are good times!
It's a good war!
Serving fois gras,
Serving souffles,
Serving shit.

[Marguerite [spoken]]
Georges! Stockings from [???] Look everyone!

[Marguerite [sung]]
Isn't it bliss?
Most women would kill me for this!
Some women would tear out my hair,
Just for a pair,
Ca c'est la guerre!

Women out there,
What's stopping them getting thier share?
Gotta be up with the times,
Move with the times,
Oui, c'est la guerre!
Lovely stockings!
Light as feathers!
I've worn plenty,
I've torn plenty in my time!

Lovely legs, dear!
Smooth and milky!
Were there ever,
Silks so silky,
So sublime!

Let the world turn!
Let the world burn!
Where's the party?
Join the party!
Party time!


[Marguerite [spoken]]

[Georges [spoken]]
It's just a little French game, General.

[Otto [spoken]]
Oh, I see. Perhaps it loses something in translation. Happy Birthday, my dear.

[Marguerite [spoken]]
Look what my adoreable Otto has given me!

[Georges [spoken]]
Impecible taste, General!

[George [sung]]
It's the real thing for sure,
You deserve it, my dear!
May our race stay as pure,
May our blood flow just as clear!
Let me offer a toast,
With a noble French wine,
To our friends across the Reine!
General, we drink to harmony,
We sons of France and Germany!
Brotherhood in arms,
We're making history!

[German phrase???]

General, we drink to victory,
We sons of France and Germany!
Brotherhood in arms,
We share a destiny,
[German phrase???]

[Marguerite [spoken]]
Oh, we're all so serious! It's my birthday, remember?
Georges, you promiced me a band! Where are they?

Let the world turn!
Let the world burn!
Let the sky fall!
Let the guns roar!
All around you,
Times are changing,
Time will tell!
Time will tell!
Let the world stop!
Let the bombs drop!
Let them drop, sir!
Stay on top, sir!
It's a good time!
It's a good war!
All is well!

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