Marvin Hits Trina lyrics - March Of The Falsettos

Marvin Hits Trina lyrics

Marvin Hits Trina

Hello, Trina, thank you for coming here,
Goodness, Trina, I am relieved.
Frankly, Trina, nice of you coming here,
Thank you, Trina, I have received
Your new-sent wedding invitations!

They are pseudo-romantic and sick!
You say you?ll love him until you will die!
You die on May 27th at eight!

(Whizzer, Mendel, and Jason) (overlapping)
Pseudo-romantic and sick!
Love him until you will die!
May 27th at eight!

He has lost his mind.
Marvin is not so uncouth.
Marvin is not so unkind.

Mendel plans to rub my back.
Mendel?s not a maniac.
And he?s sweet,
And he?s warm,
And he loves me so.

Tell me, Trina, what was the impetus?
Sorry, Trina, look in my eyes.
Really, Trina, this is ridiculous,
Jesus, Trina, how I despise
Your need for stupid conversation!

You are trying to ruin my sleep!
I?m sure you chose him to make me look bad!
How could you ever deny what we had?

(Whizzer, Mendel, and Jason) (overlapping)
Trying to ruin my sleep!
Chose him to make me look bad!
Ever deny what we had!

(Trina and Whizzer)
We had fights and games.
Marvin called us funny names.
Marvin always played the clown.

Marvin acts like he?s untrained.
Marvin, I am so ashamed.

(Trina and Whizzer)
And he?s sweet,
And he?s mean.

Do I love him?
(speaking) No.

I am so dumb.

(Everyone except Marvin)

(Marvin) (overlapping)
WHACK! (the sound of him hitting Trina)
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