March Of The Falsettos review

March Of The Falsettos Review - Broadway musical

Sometimes strange things happen to people. They don't know what they want from life, don't understand whom they love. The destiny brings them unexpected twists, which they sometimes don't even guess. This musical is just about it. It is about search for something new, in which it is possible to see well-forgotten oldness. It is about that happiness is nearby; happiness is in being with relatives.

Of course, this show isn't suitable for wide audience. Conflict of an unusual family is considered in it. Marvin suddenly finds homosexual bents in himself. He leaves his wife for other man. However, she doesn't leave their house. There is a desire in Marvin's heart to make a big and close-knit family. In addition, they have a little son. The viewer learns about his internal conflict, fear to appear ‘as father’.

So what thoughts direct such person as Marvin? Why didn't his wife leave him forever? Why did she finally choose the mental specialist who reminds her husband? Answer on all questions the viewer sees during a performance. This is a two-hour monologue of each character, followed by tremendous music.

Quite unusual structure of the show should be noted. The viewer observes the action, which happens at the psychiatrist. At first Marvin, then his wife and then the little son come to him. It becomes possible to get into an inner world of each character. It is amusing that the doctor seeks to help each of them in spite of the fact that he needs it not less (like most of the shrinks). He is like small child who gives vital advice to other children.

Music in the performance really bewitches. The viewer won't be left indifferent by both a remarkable voice of the chief actress and a falsetto of the lovely boy. A scene should be noted when all actors begin to sing the song about love with falsetto that it was suitable for the Marvin son's voice. Such songs as Love is blind and I Never Wanted to Love You should be especially selected. These are very touching songs, which won't leave any viewer indifferent. The technical part of the musical is also made at height. Despite the idea that the musical has few scenes, the designer managed to create excellent scenery, which will be remembered for a long time. All this perfectly supplements light. Costumes of actors are very simple as it is the household musical. But it also created very honestly. Of course, it is impossible to forget acting. They have completely coped with this task. The viewer will like both the lovely boy and Marvin who has got confused with his life. All cast plays very plausibly.

In general, the musical leaves good impressions. It is a fine performance about love and family. It is recommended to viewing to everyone who likes these subjects and to those who appreciates an unusual plot.
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