March Of The Falsettos synopsis

March Of The Falsettos Synopsis - Broadway musical

Action happens in the late seventies in NY. Jew Marvin has the 10-year-old son Jason. He is divorced with his wife & left her for Whizzer. But they still live together & he wants happy family. He tries to create it with Whizzer. But nobody is satisfied with such situation. In addition, the man visits the psychiatrist Mendel. During one visit to the doctor, he thinks how all these events could happen to him. The specialist calms him down & says – love is blind. After that, the main characters discuss their relations, understanding they have nothing that would link them together except that they are in love. They are sure that it passes quickly.

Further, the beholder sees a scene at mental specialist. He asks them about mutual relationship. The man worries because it has many shortcomings. However, both conclude that Marvin loves Whizzer. Then Mendel asks him about ex-wife. After that, they think how to get rid of tension in their relations. The son worries about himself & his father's reputation. He is also afraid to become a homosexual. The boy is sent to the psychiatrist.

Marvin tries to force Whizzer to be engaged in a household & they quarrel because of it. Trina complains that everyone forget about her in spite of the fact that she still is a participant of the family. All decide that it is time for them to stop it all. Jason starts worrying again. His mother calls Mendel & asks to come to him. The psychiatrist is fascinated by the woman. He helps her son to relax. The boy tells about his plans for life. They come to Mendel several times & the doctor offers the woman marry him. She agrees. Marvin is in rage: his family is destroyed & the psychiatrist has betrayed him. The woman reports that she was tired to live in a family of such person. However, she understands that Mendel is similar to him. Trina considers that she can't be absolutely happy, but someone can because of her. She begins to live with Mendel.

Our fellows quarrel again. The first understands that he doesn't love the second & leaves, while the left one goes crazy. He accuses the wife of his failures & hits her. The only person who stays with him is his son. By the way, he has found a girlfriend. Marvin says to the son that he loves him & won't betray the boy despite everything. The musical ends.
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