Human Stuff lyrics - Little Mermaid

Human Stuff lyrics

Human Stuff

SCUTTLE(spoken): Wow - this is special...this very very unusual.

ARIEL(spoken): What? What is it?

SCUTTLE(spoken): It's a dinglehopper!

ARIEL: A dinglehopper?

SCUTTLE: Oh these babies are fantabulous. Absolutely indispensary. When it comes to dingle hoppers I'm a regular

Say thatcha wanna have a hairdo
Like the folds who live up there do
That'll flap their wigs!

GULL 1: Flop their wigs!

GULL 2: Flap!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

SCUTTLE: Well, you'll look absolutely dandy
If you use one of these handy
Little thingmajigs!

GULL 1: Thingmabobs.

GULL 2: Jigs!

GULL 1: Bobs!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

SCUTTLE: Pick up the dinglehopper, just like so
Twirl it the way I'm twirling now!
Give it a little yank, and there ya go!
You're what the call "the dog's meow"!

GULLS: Wonderful stuff!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

GULLS: That human stuff!
Can't get enough -

GULL 3: Awwwk!

GULLS: Of human stuff!
And we are the authority -
No need for us to bluff!
Because we're great and explanatin'
Human stuff!

ARIEL(spoken): (holds pipe) Whats that?

SCUTTLE(spoken): A snarfblatt!

ARIEL(spoken): Wow!

SCUTTLE: Back when the world was prehistorial
People sat as still as coral
Flat upon their bumps

GULL 1: On their runts!

GULL 2: Bunks!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

SCUTTLE: There they would be, not even thinkin'
Bored to death and barely blinkin'
Way down at the dumps

GULL 1: On the dumps!

GULL 2: At!

GULL 1: On!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

SCUTTLE: Then they invented snarfblatts, just by chance
Suddenly life was la-di-da!
Snarfblatts're what you use to make folks dance
Give it a blow, and then - voila!

GULLS: Wonderful stuff!

GULL 3: Awwwk!

GULLS: That human stuff!
If you're a buff -

GULL 3: Awwwk!

GULLS: Of human stuff!

GULL 1: It's marvable!

GULL 2: Stupendible!

SCUTTLE: Completely A-OJ!
Which sounds absurd, but take my word -

GULLS: That's what the humans say!

SCUTTLE&GULLS: Sensible stuff
That human stuff!
None of it fluff -
Not human stuff!
And heaven knows
Since we're the pros
From us, you'll get no guff

SCUTTLE: And once you've got a who's-ma-gig -

GULL 1: A thing-ma-what -

GULL 2: A watch-ma-gig -

SCUTTLE: That's all you need to bring you up to snuff!

GULLS: Right up to snuff!
With proper dinglehopper groomin'
Rest'll look real human!

SCUTTLE: We know, 'cause we know
Human stuff!

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