Little Mermaid synopsis

Little Mermaid synopsis

Little Mermaid Synopsis - Broadway musical

Musical was delivered based on the work of the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid. Little beautiful mermaid named Ariel wants to know how people live in the mysterious world of the dry lands. Dreams of the Earth's life do not leave the marine girl: her small garden is decorated with things from sunken ships.

Once, during a shipwreck, Ariel rescues a handsome prince Eric, in whom immediately falls in love. Prince, who has been pulled to the shore by a mermaid, seems to be out of danger. The sounds of unearthly beautiful voice wakes him up. People rushing to the prince, scared Ariel away, and she was forced to hide in the ocean. Now the beloved ones separated: Eric wants to meet a beautiful stranger with a captivating voice, and Ariel’s thoughts are busy with reflections about meeting with her lover. Is her dreams destined to materialize? To do this, she needs to become a woman of the dry land, for whom the way into the depths of the sea will be forbidden. Accidentally, Triton, her father, learns about the secret of mermaid. Sea king's wrath is terrible, because he hates everything associated with people and with the living on the dry lands.

Ariel meets with followers of witch Ursula: moray eels Flotsam & Jetsam. They offer to help the little mermaid, convincing her that the sea witch Ursula can help the little mermaid Ariel to make her dream come true. Ariel decides. Love is stronger than the anger of her father, the Sea King Triton, and fear of the unknown life among the people. Devoted fish Flounder supports his friend in her quest to find love.

But the conditions of the evil witch were harsh: the prince must kiss her within three days, otherwise the little mermaid will have to return to the depths of the sea, having arrived as slave to the witch Ursula. She is trying to interfere to beloved ones, taking the form of a beautiful maiden with a voice as that of Ariel, but friends of Mermaid help to break the spell. Prince is again in love with his charming savior. But time has been lost, and Ariel needs to go back into the depths of the sea. Not to get into her father's palace, but to become an eternal slave of Ursula. King tries to save his daughter, giving the crown and kingdom of the sea to the witch. But Prince Eric restores justice by helping Triton to become a king once again. As a reward for this, the Triton helps his daughter to become a maiden of the dry land, to find happiness with her lover, and completely differently starts to relate to people from the land.
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