Jesus Christ Superstar synopsis

Jesus Christ Superstar Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical begins with a display of the presence of the confrontation between Judas Iscariot and his teacher, Jesus, whom first considers only a man, not a God or His messenger, and criticizes him that Jesus too uncritically accepts all new followers, fearing of gaining popularity among the people by Him. Jesus and his disciples want to go to Jerusalem, planning days, he calls them not worry too much about the future – there will be what will be. Judas reveals his true commitment to Christ, because he worries about his name, and the consistency of the teaching, as Issa has tied himself with a prostitute Mary Magdalene, whom Judas condemns. But Issa tells him that "don’t judge and will not be judged", and we all are not sinless, by means of that originating in his follower confusion and anger. When Mary is trying to oil his body with olive oil, Issa is angry that the money could be given to the poor, that is, their current use is irrational. Jesus at this stage shows all the features of the ordinary, though very sensible, person, because there are anger, blame and carelessness about the future present in him.

Several high priests of Rome, watching what is going on with Jesus and his teachings, come to the conclusion that the spread of his doctrine should be stopped, and he himself – destroyed, as an element that threatens to the existence of socio-political system of Rome. All his followers and even those who do not share the teachings are under attack. Because with the fall of the power of the Roman Empire, statehood and civilization will cease too, causing irreparable harm to the public. High priests want to avoid this in the first place. After the entry of Jesus and his followers in Jerusalem, he becomes an aim of attacks, even up to the point that he wanted to make a coup d’état, which he, of course, denies in those words, that in this city no one knows his real intentions. Issa sees that the city, in which he has entered, has become the center of debauchery, lust and arms trafficking, and is horrified by this state of affairs. In one of his most famous scenes of rage, he chases the merchants and moneychangers out of the temple, which is a sacred place.

After that, people starting to arrive to him, unhealthy physically and mentally, he begins to treat them, but their flow is so great that he abandons this idea, proclaiming all they should treat themselves. He does not have enough time to rest. Maria discovers that she is in love with her mentor. Judah does not like this situation, he expressed jealousy towards woman, as he wants that the teacher was close only to him, not knowing that the gift and philosophy of Issa is the property of the whole world. He conspires with the high priests of Rome and sells them Christ for 30 pieces of silver, because he did not want His popularity has increased very high.

At the Last Supper, Judas says bad words to Jesus and come after custody, so they grabbed Him, while the rest of the followers did not do anything to save Him, falling asleep. Issa goes to pray to God so he gave him strengths, coming into the place where the soldiers are ready to capture Issa. He already wants to go back to God, so that he took him, because He feels that he cannot be the salvation for people anymore.

After his arrest, which the apostles could not resist (and Issa told them not to do so), he refused to comment on its further action, is judged first by a court of faith, where preside the priests, and then he was sent to the law court to Pilate. Meanwhile his chief disciple Peter renounces his mentor, fearing for own life, and then leaves in pilgrimage, carrying word of his faith to other people. Issa is transmitted to the king of those lands, so the latter said his final accusation word, and the king even says that will free him if Issa will show his "tricks" with healing, but because Christ ignores it, the king is beginning to enrage and assigns the court over him to Pontius.

Judas feels bad, understanding that betrayed his mentor and best friend, wants to repent before the high priests, but chosen own audience very badly and they did not really listen to him and then pushing him out of the temple, dooming him to the terrible pangs of conscience. He interrupts his despair in suicide.

On execution, the crowd calls him to be crucified, and the judges decide that He is no more than an ordinary human being, not a prophet, not a son of God. Pilate appoint Issa different penalty, trying to satisfy the bloodthirsty mob, although previously he wanted to confine a milder punishment, perhaps even his imprisonment, but keeping him alive. But the raging crowd did not allow him to do only some moderate punishment, so he was crucified. All, except of the spirit of Judas, were sad about this event, recalling the changes that Issa has brought in their lives.
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