Jesus Christ Superstar review

Jesus Christ Superstar Review - Broadway musical

This is one of those productions where the best is to sit in the middle of the hall and not on the first row, because sometimes the events unfold in the viewers’ area, exemplified by the moments in the song “Hosanna” – actors with palm branches start to go out of the hall on the scene. And you, being in the first row, may miss the whole process and only see the final, when the evil Vizier begins to sing in a stupid veil, as if he had stolen a leather ottoman from some soft seating. Wearing sneakers. And being like a parody on Sacha Baron Kohen, although the latter is already a parody of the man. Christ here has the most amazing voice of all, simply divine, but not the best acting talent. However, the emphasis here was unlikely made on a magnificent actor's game. First of all, it is the extremely famous rock opera in the world. It has provocative name, but during watching it, you'll get a pile of rock songs in addition and the emotions of the different characters with free interpretation of the eternal classical story.

This production has been noted by numerous awards and nominations. Above all, Tony in 1972, after the year of origination of the histrionics on Broadway: 5 nominations + 1 victory of Drama Desk and 1 of Treatre World Aw. Secondly, in 1997, London version was marked by Laurence Olivier Aw., and in 2000, its revival on the main theatre area of the world – another Tony nomination. After 12 years, in the second resurrection, a show has gained 2 nominations for Tonies, the same amount of nominations for Drama Desk and 1 win of Theatre World Award.

The first play was made in 1970, by legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, with a libretto by Tim Rice. Of course, such a high-profile production has become so because several religious groups have cursed it, raising by this the degree of popularity. Most of us can remember the incredibly pretentious flashy odes, bristling with saliva of preachers cursing a show on the sheets of newspapers and on the radio. In some countries it was even forbidden. Jews & some Christians have criticized some of its aspects, in particular, too high human-likeness of Christ and too mild Judas, whereas these moments were ones that creators actually wanted to emphasize. Yes, not all people can be tolerant to the views and opinions of others, hiding behind the dogmas of their faith. Faith is generally very controversial topic for every person who believes in something else besides agnostic and atheistic views. By the way, a wise man said once: "I have never been offended by Satanists because I did not believe in their Devil, but often was offended by believers because I did not believe in their God”. Hence, every sane person who shares the belief that the faith is a philosophical choice of every open-minded person, may conclude that religion is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity, because in the name of religion made the loudest crimes against Humanity and with the name of the Lord on the mouth, the greatest crime committed. Have you ever seen a fanatical atheist who kills you because you do not believe in his Nothing? Or aggressive pastafarians? No? Then think about it…

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