Epic I lyrics - Hadestown

Epic I lyrics

Epic I

Gather 'round, you vagabonds
Pickin' fruit and hoppin' freights
Anyone who's wondering,
Wondering why the winds have changed
I'll sing a song of a love gone wrong
Between a mighty king and queen
Gather 'round and I'll sing a song
Of Hades and Persephone

Oh, queen of flowers
Queen of fields
Queen of the green and the growing Earth
Lady Persephone, half of the year,
Was bound to stay down in the Underworld
In the other half, she could walk in the sun
And the sun, in turn, burned twice as bright
Which is where the seasons come from
And with that cycle of the seed and the sickle
And the lives of the people
The birds and their flights, singing:
La la la la la la la... Last Update: February, 26th 2019

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