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Smile, Girls lyrics

Smile, Girls

What you must keep in mind as the act curtains part
is the primary law of theatrical art.

Mainly, smile girls and you'll lay them in the isle girls.
If you smile girls they'll die on the spot.

Smile girls drive em crazy with your youth girls
Flash a tooth girls give them everything you got.
witch an' it an awful lot.

Smile girls or we never gunna work girls.
Just a smirk girls might well save the day.

Get style girls and the customers will stay

So smile Angus, smile delorous,
Smile Phelma, smile whatever your name is.
Smile Ednis, smile Madre May Smile girls.

Make them think your being clever,
but whatever happens smile no matter what

When the scenery smacks you smile.
When a stage hen attacks you smile.
When they boo in the gallery smile.
When I don't pay your salary smile.
When the comedy's dying smile.
When you all feel like crying smile.
When tomato's are flying duck but smile.

Smile girls it only hurts a while girls.
If you smile girls, its sure to go away.
Get style girl even if you have to ham it.
but damn it smile Angus, smile Dolorous
smile Phelma, smile whatever your name is
smile Ednis, smile Madre may. Smile girls
and when the act begins to sag drag out the flag
and smile!

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