All I Need Is the Girl lyrics - Gypsy

All I Need Is the Girl lyrics

All I Need Is the Girl

Take a flower, smell it, put it in my lapel
And I spot the audience!

Once my clothes WERE shabby
Tailors CALLED me, "Cabbie"
Got so rough I TOOK a vow
Said this bum'LL
Be Beau Brummel
Now I'm smooth and SNAPPY
Now my tailor's happy
I AM the cats meow
My wardrobe is a wow!
Paris silk! HARRIS tweed!
There's only one thing I need...

Got my tweed crest
Got my best vest
All I need now is the girl
Got my striped tie
Got my hopes high
Got the time and the place
And I got rhythm
Now all I need is the girl to go with'M
If she'LL
just appear we'll
Take this big town for a WHIRL
And if she'LL ONLY say, "My darling I'm yours"
I'll throw away
My striped tie
And my best-PRESSED tweed
All I really need
Is the girl.

[speaking] I start off easy, you see?
Now I'm more debonair...
Ssssssssssssssh! Aaaaah! Break ... Now! Yeah!
And I settle here... I start this step, see?
And then I build it... Double it!
She appears all in white and I take her hand,
Kiss it and lead her on the floor...
This step's good for the costume... A stair bit!
Dah dah dah dah...Dah dah dah dah yah dah...
Now we waltz, strings come in
And I lift her...Again... Once more!
And now the tempo changes and all the lights come up
And I build for the grand finale
Louise, that's it!
Come on over here...
Follow me... Faster! Charleston...
Again... Do it again! Ha ha ha!
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