Gypsy review

Gypsy review

Gypsy Review - Broadway musical

Nomadic life of mother and two of her daughters is full of difficulties. They earn money with songs and dances. But the Gipsy blood flows in their veins, so the soul of these women is full of love to freedom and to music. Mother Rose dreams that her daughter June will successfully act in the vaudeville on the Broadway. When June marries and leaves home, Rose starts laying hopes for the younger daughter Louise. However, she only manages to get a job of the stripper in Burlesque.

This biographic musical is about life of great "queen of a burlesque", the best-known dancer and the stripper of the 30th – Gypsi Rose Li. However, the directors of the show put in the center of narration her mother Rose. At the beginning, Rose pays all the attention to the other daughter June, "child star" of Broadway vaudevilles. And when June is tired of excessive attention of mother and leaves, Mother Rose remembers about less talented Louise.

Plot is quite common: it's about the broken, cancelled desires of actresses to subdue the Land of dream. It's also about their persistent, furious aspiration to be rehabilitated in it by their children, to whom they shout: "I should be on your place!" The moral is: “Parents, don't take away the childhood from your child!” After all, it is the finest period in their life.

Formally, the performance keeps only at the excellent play of Mother Rose. It moves to the forefront, and the history of two daughters' formation serves as a fine background for her actor's passages.

All vocal performances are harmoniously included into the show. The remarkable work of the costume designer is also worth noting, though this biographic play isn't a "wardrobe" musical style of clothes corresponds to time frames.

Of course, this version of Gypsy does not completely copy the Broadway’s piece, but it's a good attempt. The viewer can be a little upset by the main characters who sometimes can't sing their vocal parts correctly. Good play, fervent actors and actresses.

However, the price doesn't correspond to quality. But if you just want to plunge into a world of a Burlesque and America of 30th, no doubt, it is for you.
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