Dangerous to Dream lyrics - Frozen

Dangerous to Dream lyrics

Dangerous to Dream

I can't be what you expect of me
And I'm trying every day with all I do
And do not say
Here on the edge of the abyss
Knowing everything in my whole life has lead to this

And so I pull inside myself
Close the walls put up my guard
I've practised every single day for this
So why is it so hard

'Cause I can't show you
I'm not as cold as I seem
There are things you cannot know
And it's dangerous to dream

[Anna: Sorry I'm late!]

I know I'll never see that sunny day
When this trial is finally through,
And it could just be me and you
I can't dwell on what we've lost
And our secrecy and silence comes at such a cost

I wish I could tell the truth
Show you who's behind the door
I wish you knew what all this pantomime
and pageantry was for

I have to be so cautious
And you're so extreme
We're different, you and I
And it's dangerous to dream

It's dangerous to wish
I could make choices of my own
Dangerous to even have that thought

I'm dangerous just standing here
For everyone to see
If I let go of rules
Who knows how dangerous I'd be?


I can't believe that I'm standing here
Did I really make it through?
Father, I did it
Now I'm tied to you

I can't stop smiling, how strange
Does this mean that things are different?
Could they really change?

And could I open up the door
And finally see you face to face
I guess the queen can change the rules
But not the reasons they're in place

I can't be what you expect of me
And I'm not what I seem
But I would love to know you
Is it dangerous to dream?

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