Monster lyrics - Frozen

Monster lyrics


It's finally come
Come to knock down my door
I can't hide this time
Like I hid before

The storm is awake
The danger is real
My time's running out
Don't feel, don't feel

"Fear will be your enemy
And death it's consequence"
That's what they once said to me
And it's starting to make sense

All this pain,
All this fear began because of me
Is the thing they see
The thing I have to be

A monster
Were they right?
Has the dark in me
finally come to light?

Am I a monster?
Full of rage
Nowhere to go, but on a rampage

Or am I just a monster
In a cage

End this winter
Bring back summer
Keep your guard up

No harm comes to her

End this winter
Bring back summer
Keep your guard up

What do I do
No time for crying now
I've started a storm
Got to stop it somehow

Do I keep on running
How far do I have to go
And would that take the storm away
Or only make it grow

I'm making my world colder
How long can it survive?
Is everyone in danger
As long as I'm alive?

Was I a monster
From the start?
How did I end up with this frozen heart?

Bringing destruction
To the stage
Caught in a war that
I never meant to wage

Do I kill the monster?

Father, you know what's best for me
If I die will they be free?

Mother, what if after I'm gone
The cold gets colder
And the storm rages on?

I have to stay alive
To fix what I've done
Save the world from myself
And bring back the sun

End this winter
Bring back summer
Keep your guard up

If I'm a monster
Then it's true
There's only one thing
that's left for me to do

But before I fade to ice
I'll do all that I can
to make things right

I cannot be a monster
I will not be a monster
Not tonight

Last Update: February, 25th 2019

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